Saturday, April 10, 2010

Malayalam Cine en parasite

Malayalam acting industry was one of the most renowned one in the indian panaroma.The latest incidents make the situation pathetic.Malayalam films used to be in the top class ones in the annual film awards 5 years back.Gone are those golden days of malayalam cinema,One cant go to watch a new movie in theatre,you will be really disappointed.There hasnt been any new combinations and new technologies applied to the film making in this decade to malayalam cinemas.The net result is that most of the movies are flop ,the avg movies that make some collection (which are overhyped) are of the so called SUPERSTARS from the old-age.Only a handful of new actors (lead role) have appeared in the last decade.This really pathetic situation of the industry is often blamed on the television sop-serials and the reality shows.viewer statisfaction is often more than that of cinemas.The pain you take to go to a cinematheque and watch a same crappy comedies or sadennin scenes for a 2 hr movie ,if it doesnt turnout well obviously you would never turnout serously for the next turn.Thus malayalam cinema has lost its ground.

Steps were taken not in a professional manner ,rather emotinally.Ato AMMA (association of actors),Film chamber etc were formed to protect their own interest, not of the viewers.2 Years back AMMA released one notification so that none of the film actors would appear in television serials [:P] .Did it turnout well ?was the industry recovered from the pitfall? No way it was goin to recover unless the standard of movies were raised to higher levels.Since the notication in 2006 end there were only around 50 movie released in past 3years ..of those only 10 were of box office hits(which would stay in viewers mind).Now again Film chamber has also released a similar notification ,is it goin to make the situation better? Perhaps this would really close down the show!!

Both television and Bigscreen productions has to co-exist ,an artist cannot be restricted as acting only in one version.It would be like asking Sachin Tendulkar to play only in international cricket (Restricting in T20 and county).The similar situation existed in all over the world.Spanish movies are now a days produced by TVE` (national television form espaniola).In France also same scenario exist.The French movies have now a days recovered their state no;of productions have also increased.Why cant film makers think about introducing new talents and technology in to Film making rather than going the aristocratic ways.Thrash the old patterns,get into a new way of making movies.The majority of cost is not incurred in technology,its thrown away for publicity in the name of superstars.

Hope we can see a better tomorrow for Malayalam movies