Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Get the bottle, switch on TV, it's hartal again!

This is a warning bell for the state.The only state in India which depends on the money earned by those who live outside the state .The biggest consumer state in India ,with less than 10% produced of food requirement;there are no renowned industries .But the figures which ET reported makes feel how come a high literate state become such idiotic in its deeds.If a hartal is announced every one would sit inside the house because there is no protection outside on the streets.Politics is supposed to be the sound of majority ;its a way of expressing opinion NOT A WAY OF LIFE! .Its a pity that once a self sufficient state in food demand is now in such a state.
Has Communist Marxists/Congress has done any good in terms of progress ?


India is home to worlds large number of destitute subjects.Every year IMF releases its global economic report.India had topped the list of maximum number of poor people .The norms which IMF uses is in the Greenback.Yes we have many people who earn very less than 5$ a day ; cost of one lunch in UK,or US .Remember in India equivalent Gandhi is 200 ,which would be enough for a middle class person's food for a whole day.Do we have to accept we are poor.What advantages we get by accepting these? Whats the exact reason of poverty..does it mean that if one doesnt have a means to earn his food hes poor or if hes not having enough in pocket for next days needs? We have enough fields and farms to produce the food;the effort is calculated in the local currency not in global.We used to get huge foreign aid by projecting that we are poor ;remember nothin comes for free from the west or from east everything is accounted.They dont know what's called Bhiksha;you can see bhikshak only in Indian streets (asian).There is no ground breaking technology which we have come up in the past 6 decades since independence.We dont make opportunities here .We take up those which are outsourced or bangalored simply because the expenses will be skyhigh in Greenback.Atleast we have those jobs;which are not under any labour law.We are forced to believe that we are poor ;this affects people psycological strength and hence his physical growth.This nudges the thought of every indian.It affects his confidence.We are not deprived of good culture we are simply challenged for indigeneous technology.We are not poor
If u compare an Indian with an European in aesthetic sense an Indian wont look attractive in his dressing,or scent.This is simply because of the difference of thought .Majority Indians don't believe in attractive looks ;judging an Indian by looks u are in the wrong position.Thus Indian cosmopolitan cities Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai are not as clean as NY,London,Tokyo etc.But availability is there and freedom is there;which u cant enjoy in many clean cities any where else in the world.