Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Communal Politics

We are facing an another parliamentary election this 2009 Summer.Worlds biggest democracy,in its crucial decision making event is confronted with many challenges.A democratic system's definition as a whole is being challenged.The independence of subjects in their decision making day is being influenced by many non-political factors.This indian nation has a diversity from east to west and from north to south in all means (Culture,Religion,Looks).The major 2 political forces in the country are also portraying themselves; one as communal and the other as secular.But playing these two cards for the D-day its quite a tricky one.Are indians that much secular ? I don't think so because for a normal indian religion is the way of life.We are hearing about the formation of a 3rd front which is communist&secular.The first 2 forms of political groupings have tested and failed to draw lines whether they are communal or secular.The history has made it very clear that such stringent lines in bhartiya politics wont workout.So wht about the 3rd front ?Can they play any role in this ?

Communists in india are of marxists,indian,maoists.Of these marxists are the strong holds in kerala,tripura and west bengal.Maoists mostly in the north western provinces.The cadre party preaches secularism ,in war against the communal -so called fascists- forces in all their manifestos.So can they establish themselves in modern INDIA without the help of religious organizations?One can say that if such people volunteer to vote then they are welcome ,but we wont go to their places asking to vote; the so called politics.All the communists who come up in the lead role are expected to undergo the basic party classes...after which they are not supposed to be religious in their thoughts or deeds.But Christianity and Muhammadanism wont keep such people in their roles .So they would be singled out in the community.Indian Minorities are more organized than the majority ,a minority person would be singled out if he moves out from the religion.Here the modern communists have to redraft their manifesto.A complete secular india is not in agenda.The very recent examples of some candidates shifting from the communism to their religious organizations underlines this.The very recent declaration by Christian priests organization ,that they also want to be in politics presents a big challenge to our secularity in the elections.INDIAN democracy seems to be more on the communal sideline ,far away from the secular lines which we envision.

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Jackfruit said...

Hmmm... I think we need some channel to direct all the devotion :D
That is why I believe patriotism can be a good challenge for communalism. Love for country can be a religion, only then can we stop this country from disintegrating on lines of Religion and Region.