Monday, November 17, 2008

Marriages &Children

Are u a family man? Are you planning to get married ever in this life? Are you a Divorced or a Widow(er)? Definitely you should have a rethink ,on the crime of marriage.All the religions describe marriage as AUSPICIOUS .But what about the outcome ,is that quite enjoyable .When a man or woman ties the knot they are signing the contract of life-that both would share the joy& sorrow ,the crests and troughs of the upcomin life.Even if you know eachother for a very long period of time (more than 2 years) ,can you totally judge a person his insticnts,obvioulsly you can expect how (s)he is goin to behave in a situation ,but you are not a final judge to close that case.Here the system of marriage is getting questioned. How can you get in to a life term contract with another person?Why can't a men and women live together in a society if they love each other ;and want to enjoy together.Is it because one section is considered weak ;since they are to be protected by some contract ? Or is it because the outcome of a live-in or marriage - the children are to be protected?
The question then points to the system of FAMILY.Children are expected to be under the family protection .Except in the Soviet era the modern times have never seen a child being considered as a part of a community(IT was there in the ancient Bharath,where children were sent to GuruKulas for education where they were totally depleted from parents till the age of 18).The modern day childern see their parents as their idol for character building .So a boy would idolise his pa and girl her mother ..till the age of 14 or 18 most of them are brewed like a brolier chicken (havin a brolier chicken in one go).They dont experience the outside world much ,they are denied the chance to communicate with the society.A person would strong only by his own experiences and experiments; of course some supervision is required.In the modern times we dont have a setup other than the family to take care of the children and ageold.A boy can never forgive his father ,likewise a daughter can for her mother.We should stop the system of marriages ,By that we find an end to the psychactric problems of men and women,the stress,their aging issues,no more divorces ,the dowry .People would become more creative and enthusiastic ,they would try many different things ,rather than settling for what ever they have.There is no point in life if you are with a person physically while you are fondling the memoires of another man/woman .Get out and start another .Obviously if u dread abt the soliltude of life then thinking defensively would create more problems ...enjoy your solitude ,till the next match.From Birth to death man is bothered abt eternity.Sex is all about body and death is leavin the body.You are a result of sex ,hence you have to leave the body once.Paradise is on this earth itself,enjoy your stay!!

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