Sunday, August 24, 2008

Apar Himalayas

The worlds highest phenomenon ...was created by collision of the Indian Platonic plate to the Eurasian plate..If Himalayas were not so altitude then he bharatiya culture wouldn't have existed...for sure, because the existing culture of the then would have grappled the indian subcontinent.In a matter of time ther is no bharat and bharat sanskar which persists now.Existing is a blend of everything in the indian subcontinent.But things on the other side of himalayas was pertty much untouched...I mean the Cantonese...Chinese....When the world watched this years Olympics every chinese had a role to play in that...It was taken as that nations prestige.China didn't have much participation or history in olympics till 1990's .But a conscious effort put forth by the government made it possible for them...Because for a nation to be strong the subjects have to be strong mentally and physically.Both are interrelated.Chinese have not only become commanding in sports ;they are equally commanding in the artforms tooo...Indian Government always spits "INDIA SHOULD BECOME STRONG".But that they said on the context of nuclear warfare.Dear ,India doesnt have a unique voice internally like china,we are multiracial (Arabs,Aryans,Dravidians,Cantonese) we have different political views tooo .How can then such a nation become strong...with out having a goal ? WHo will set the goal and how it would be taken up by the country men?

We are a nation without strong view ;we preached non-alignment ;we took english as our common language ...But northies say Hindi is widely spoken and tamilians say india doesnt havea national language it just has an official language ;but they would teach and preach tamil and english as second language...take east ...most of the east is cantonese ..undergoing mass conversion to Xianity by the nuns and preachers going from God's own Country( Because they have to show the headcount for the $,£ got from foreign missionaries.What happened to our non-alignment our scientists invent any new technology in the 6 decades, the ones who migrated from this country ever came back with any technical know how to teach our younger generation.
One can blame the governments who came to power;they are being elected by a majority ...are indians so stupid ?Worlds second biggest population is struggling to show the world that it can thrive on its own.We are made to belive that we are poor and underdogs.
We are not poor..poverty is what you are blamed upon you...its relative...India produces enough grains for all her citizens ..But its being hoarded some where just because we dont have a renowned public distribution system.We know our country is so vast its not congested too...then whts the exact reason ? "We need young brains and iron hard muscles " -vivekananda.Have any young indian ever been taught seriously abt his pysical fitness at school ;we always think of becoming intellectually brilliant;Younger generation needs to be physically strong too.Gandhiji was a failure in his physical strength...(he admits this).We need to have a strong idol.Cricket is not a complete physical exercise.In a debate abt india's sporting culture a comment came " Our cuntry is too hot ;we would sweat more "..Bullshit ..We shuld sweat..then only all the sweat pores would become clean.
India needs to develop a sporting culture its an urgent requirement ...we had a good football team,hockeyteam before independence.Sports and athletics always refreshes your brain,,,it makes you agile and happy .Perhaps this should be conjugated with the shrinking indian agriculture ....agro---+---culture...It was a way of life for us.

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