Saturday, February 16, 2008


The widely used jargon this time of the year is RECESSION ...yeah of course in the banking world .I am related to that stream now adays ...(professionaly).If u are expecting i'm gona tell something on that..(JFO!!!)

I am gona tell abt somethin personal ...Nothin useful will be published in this blog -the motto of AUNGLESTIEN...
Since i posted my last blog crshes the opposite sex friends have receeded alot in their number ..mostly because i dont keep in touch with them ..over phone or via text..
secondarly i will be mostly travelling .Yes to keep girlfriends ,i think you should keep'em flattered allround..other wise u r gona looose ...(no more debits on ur bank A/C).Another FACT is that most of my pervious friends were in their mid 20s and as per the industry standards how much stone the hen weighed regardless of its capacity to lay eggs ....they are sold ..because ITS AN OVERHEAD to maintain ;so better to be passed on to someone ,whomsoever has inherited or own financial capacity,mental strngth to feed it and its hatches for a next generation...Within an year i have lost links to 70% of the above said community.
So why cant u go for loans ...LOANS u know they are very attractive they are only a temporary solution..u will have to pay interest ...interest rates are low ,yes u are right now adays the rates are goin down but i dont have much securities to pledge man!!--moreover i dont feel secure too
TAKE RISKS u are single good advice-thank u! May i ask u ` will the risk rate decrease based on ur marital or financial status?` .Its naive to take chances .The biggest risk u can take is to have a personal bond like i will ther be with u all along all the way to the end.NO Risks no PAIN.
At school we have learned various life cycles .Most of the things start and end at same point so ineffect there is no beginning or ending,if there is a crest there is a trough ,hope for goodtimes with ur fingers crossed.(JFO!!).Unless u work on it nothing is gona get better.So i am gona work on this RECESSION to make new tie-ups.
SO Goodlucks till the next boom.

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