Friday, April 06, 2007

ये जिन्दगी

This April 14 th (അതായതു വിഷു ദിനം ) i will successfully complete my 2 years in professional life as a software engineer..!! The most dreamt days when i started my B-tech as a CS engineering student when Y2K stroked with all its power on the then System Gurus who weren't planned for such a big bug...and also the Laden's army struck with its full power on the heart of Americas WTC.Result Millions of Indians who are relying on the 20 % of its population who are well educated and having a lucrative job ..which pays them enough to give an IT(income Tax) returnso that the commodity costs are kept on control .Forget the other 20% who are educated and still doesn't have a job and would turn to the mostly demanded one in India where you don't have to file any IT returns and can earn much without any investment -called as a politician - education is an over qualification for this job ,'अरे यार इंग्लिश और हिंदी अगर खुद पद या बोल ना सके तो कोई cheating करेगा ' -see the RM (who was cheated by somebody ,other wise in the 50 years of indian democracy no minister was made to declare that the Indian railway is in profit.. rather than वह अपनी जेब में ) ,PM and FM are educated koyi cheating na kar payegaa..ha haa.
After the Fall of WTC the indian S/W engineers were becoming the mostly endangered species and the educational acharyas were thinking about redirecting students to other paradigms like science rather than Engineering..believe me there were serious thoughts on this.
Days went by like a second ...times changed indian IT tycoons got their contracts back agianthey were after the fresh brains who are capable of taking any kind of challenges..Time 2004-05 "होव many offers you have in hand?" .Circumstancial pressure करना पडेगा भयी after a long resistance i also joined as a system administrator(കാരണം ഒരു developer ആയാല്‍ ഉണ്ടാകാവുന്ന ഭവിഷ്യത്തുകള്‍ എനിക്കറിയാമായിരുന്നു ഉറക്കം കളയാന്‍ താത്പര്യമില്ലാരുന്നു).
joined the company which offered highest in salary ...started working ...haaha the honey moon days were so sweet in dreams as the forth coming days of work in the unix world ..that put me in the highest of the spirits.All of a sudden came the requirement to move from bangalore to MUMBAI आमची मुम्बई ॥ मुम्बई जाके तू क्या करेगा ? अरे मुम्बई जाके तू जो करेगा अब तक कोइबी नही किया है ! पहली डेपुटेशन यानी onsite पहुंचते ही पता चला कि काम है थोड़ी ! जो कुछ है वह करने केलिये है आदमी । तीन चार महीने के बाद एक दिन बेड साब आये मुम्बई विसित केलिये " You people are from kerala ? what are u doin हियर? There's a major activity goin on in kerala .." हो गयी अपनी काम packup!!दो दिन में बैंगलोर -घर दे किराये कीलिये मैंने एक हफ्ता पूछा because every thing had to be settled including the house deposit as the plans were like we will be away for some 6 months minimum and the owner was a great fraud ..tried the level best to get the deposit back ...नही मिला एक अग्रीमेंट बंवाके बैंगलोर पहुंचा । काम चालू किया क्या काम है ? Work on the server side ..but the real work was with excel and bank data that too in the night after the banks are closed.In the day time you will get the calls from team who are working in some remote village in kerala . Most of the days you will have to start work in 2 pm and will extend to mostly 5or 6 am next morning...5 months continued like that.Those days i learned that its not only me 50 % of the peoples life in a product company are like this most of them haven't married because of fear .ഉറങാന്‍ പറ്റാത്തവനെന്തു കുട്ടുംബം..? കുടുംബം ഉറക്കം കെട്ടുത്തുന്ന മ്റ്റൊരു ഏട്ടാകൂട്ടം ആണേ..!!എന്നു തീരും ഈ പ്രോജക്ട്ട് ..?
As soon as this prjct finished i had to join to the team which dealt with the information security and the organizational process definition.Here again the challenge was to work with microsoft word and the excels ( we call this the microsoft certified documentor or MR DOCSI) .After spending 3 months in the team i jumped from that team with a great thanks to my manager that he made me expert in documentation which of course is needed not now in some way ahead.
The life with 8 hrs of sleep and regualrity is dreamt by all...then it happened again the requirement came up for an onsite this time across the seas.!!!! wow!! u are required to do something technical .Good i am ready ..This time as i put the true life experiences across in black and white the professional life of a IT S/W engineer is much uncertain than compared to any other profession.. ie ,you have to be soft and flexible by all means!!

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